Collaborative Application 2017-2018

Thank you for your interest in the LEADERSHIP Collaborative.

Please read the following carefully. Additional information about membership confirmation is found at the end of the form.

The purpose of the LEADERSHIP Collaborative is to create lasting partnerships between high-quality, talented professionals and the boards of non-profit organizations committed to enhancing the quality of life in Greater Philadelphia. Our goal is to help you find stellar board members who are committed to and passionate about your organization.


  • Personalized board member selection from pool of 120 current LEADERSHIP Philadelphia class members and 3000+ alumni network
  • Opportunity to connect with current Core class (120 professionals) at the annual Agency Fair in January and through optional board meeting observations
  • Subscription and access to monthly LEADERSHIP Philadelphia newsletter, through which Collaborative organizations may publicize upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and job openings
  • Access to the LEADERSHIP Philadelphia online Favor Bank, where all members of the LEADERSHIP network can request and grant non-monetary favors
  • Opportunity to submit a service project that a class team may select to complete over the course of the year

Additional Information

  • The LEADERSHIP Philadelphia program year runs on an academic calendar, from September through June. Memberships for the 2017-2018 program year are valid from September 1, 2017, through August 31, 2018.
  • Our focus at LEADERSHIP Philadelphia is to match our class members and alumni with organizations that fit their passions and interests. To that end, we cannot guarantee any number of board placements per organization, as interests vary from year to year.

How to Apply
To join the 2017-2018 LEADERSHIP Collaborative, please fill out and submit the application below. Upon submission of your application, you will receive a link to instructions for submitting the required $150 membership fee.


Once your application and payment have been received and processed, you will receive an email confirmation of your membership. Please ensure that the email given is that of the person who will serve as our main contact at your organization.

Contact Information


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Organization Information


Description of Organization

Note: This description will appear on all communications sent to current classes and interested alumni. This will be their first impression of your organization and how you serve the community. Please limit your description to one paragraph.

Type of Organization (check all that apply)
Arts & CultureChildren & YouthEconomic DevelopmentEducation (Adult/Job Training)Education (Youth)EnvironmentalHealth & Human ServicesHousingInternational IssuesMental Health/DisabilityWomen
Other (please specify)

Board Information

Type of Expertise Needed (check all that apply)
AdministrationAccountingCommunity RelationsFacilities ManagementFinance/InvestmentFundraisingHuman ResourcesLegalMarketingProgram DevelopmentPublic RelationsReal EstateStrategic PlanningTechnology/Social Media
Other (please specify)

How often does your board meet?

On what day(s) of the week and at what time does your board meet?

Where are your meetings held?

Does your organization carry board insurance against liability?

Do you have minimum financial requirements for board members? If so, what are they?

Are there additional fundraisers during the year that board members are expected to contribute to and attend? If so, please list functions and approximate amount:

Are board members required to serve on committees?

Please list committees

What is the standard time commitment of each board member in addition to the board meetings?

What is the term for board service?

Is there a maximum # of terms?

When are new board members elected?

What is the process for electing new members?

Is there any additional information you'd like potential candidates to know about your board and/or organization?

Board Observations

At our October Core Class, we invite our class members to sign up to observe a Collaborative board meeting of their choosing. This gives our class members a chance to see how a board meeting is run, and begin to think about what type of board they might want to join. You may welcome observers to as many board meetings as you choose. After the October class, you will receive information letting you know who has signed up for your meetings, and how you can contact them prior to the meeting(s). Please note that opening your meeting(s) to observers is entirely optional, and opting out will not preclude your organization from receiving board candidates. However, many organizations find board observations to be a great opportunity to meet potential board members. Please indicate your preferences below:

Please select one of the following answers:

We would like to welcome observers at our meetings, but have not scheduled them yet. We will send the dates to Molly ( as soon as possible.

We do not wish to take place in board observations.

We would welcome observers at the following meetings:
(meetings must take place after October 6, 2016)

Date Location Time (start - end) Numbers of Observers Permitted

Please contact Carla Ingram with any questions. or (215) 893-9999